SAMSON Materials Handling

27. August 2020

SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd

Extensive, internationally proven range of mobile loading and unloading systems for handling bulk materials in different applications in a variety of industries

Since the mid-1960s, SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd (formerly B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd) has enjoyed recognition as a specialist in mobile solutions for the handling of bulk materials. The company is located in Ely in the county of Cambridgeshire in the UK and has been contributing to an enhancement of the product portfolio of the AUMUND Group since 2002. SAMSON has gained a good reputation internationally, not only in ports and terminals, but also in the cement, steel, iron and aluminium industry, in quarries and processing, in power plants and in the handling of alternative fuels. Sales activities are carried out directly from Ely as well as through the international subsidiaries of the AUMUND Group, in addition to a large network of local agents, who are constantly in direct contact with customers.

SAMSON Materials Handling has developed a wide range of reliable Mobile Material Feeders which are used for receiving, storage and onward loading of various bulk materials. Flexibility, dependability, quality, safety and performance are at the core of every product concept, whether for the reception of bulk materials from trucks, rail wagons or ships, or for discharging, for example onto existing belt conveyors in quarries.

SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd. Headquarters in Ely, Great Britain
SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd Headquarters in Ely, Great Britain


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