Raking over the coals

Carlos Ivan Equi and Anton Shkolnik, 17. April 2024

SCHADE Lagertechnik

Schade Lagertechnik demonstrates the paradigm shift on stockpile reclaiming

Three successful projects and more to come
A paradigm shift can be defined as a fundamental change in basic concepts and experimental practices, and it happens when usually it is replaced by a new and different concept.

Some of the solutions currently in place for reclaiming bulk material from storage piles were developed over a hundred years ago, with the first bucket-wheel excavators used in lignite mining being manufactured in the 1920s. The main function of these machines was continuous digging in large-scale open-pit mining operations, removing thousands of tonnes of overburden a day.

The bucketwheel design on boom excavators has been extended to the reclaiming process, and today these machines are used to pick up bulk materials which have been stockpiled by a stacker, for onward transport of the materials to a processing plant. These processes can have low, medium and high material flow rates.

For further information: Raking over the coals.pdf


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