Panorama Pan Conveyor Type BPB

Arched plate conveyors

The main area of application of the arched plate conveyor (type BPB) is bunker discharging of moist and sticky conveyed goods, such as loam, marl, natural or FGD gypsum, anhydrite, pozzolan etc. The heavy duty design (type BPB-S / BPB-SF) is often used for intake and transport of as mined material.

Arched Plate Conveyor (type BPB)
Arched plates which perfectly suit the drive and pretensioned sprockets thus permitting plate cleaning with a scraper:

  • Regulation of the unloading capacity with adjustable rotational speed drive
  • Version with track scale available (type DPB-B)
  • Plate thicknesses from 8 to 10 mm


Arched Plate Conveyor (type BPB-S / BPB-SF)
For feeding and transport of as mined rock as well as for intake of material unter tipping points the heavy duty design of the Arched Plate Conveyor is often used:

  • Plate thickness up to 40 mm
  • Capacities up to 11,000 t/h
  • Handling of uncrushed raw materials with edge lengths up to 2,000 mm