Panorama Rotor


The silo discharge device Rotor plays out its strength above all in the sphere of difficult bulk materials such as FGD gypsum. With bell shaped silos it permits a silo life of 8 to 14 days.

Functions & Features

  • First-in-First-out concept
  • 100% live capacity (mass flow)
  • Consistent lowering of the entire bunker content
  • No segregation or bridge formation
  • Silo diameter over 8m permits lower build height
(at constant volume)
  • Discharge capacities up to 1,800m3/h
  • Modular construction for low erection costs
  • Flexible drive technology
  • Discharge arm with autogenous holding down device
  • Discharge arm with material-matched claddings/coatings
  • Logarithmically shaped discharge arm for low wear and energy consumption
  • Discharge arm with double function: Undercuttung of the material column and discharge via an internally fixed sliding plate