Panorama CENTREX®


CENTREX® is ideally suited to discharge from silos or vessels which store sticky material with difficult flow properties. A logarithmically shaped discharge arm moves the material to the central discharge outlet. It extracts the material from underneath the full bulk material column (with simultaneous undercutting of the silo external wall), to avoid bulk material build-up and deactivated zones.

Functions & Features

  • First-in-First-out concept
  • 100% live capacity (mass flow)
  • Consistent lowering of the entire bunker conent
  • No segregation or bridge formation
  • Silo diameter up to 8 m
  • Logrithmically shaped, sheathed discharge arm
  • Hydraulic or frequency controlled drive unit


The CENTREX® CTX-IV is characterised by its internal drive which is accommodate in an inner cone. Radially configured support arms connect it with the silo wall. Their roof-shaped deflector plates prevent undesired material build-up. At the same time they allow access to the inner cone thanks to its box-section construction. Normally at least one of the three support arms is so arranged that easy access to the drive unit is guaranteed. Applications:

  • Loading of mills, dryers and kilns
  • Discharge of sludges under slurry tank
  • Discharge from silos with inert gas beaufschlagung
  • Discharge from silos with poisonous materials 

The CENTREX® CTX-AV has an external drive and the inner cone is stationary. The drive is located externally.

The CENTREX® CTX-AFD with external drive and rotating inner cone is the version for particularly difficult bulk materials. In this version the inner cone, the discharge arm and the rotating chute are one rotating unit.