Panorama Discharge Systems

Discharge equipment

In all industrial sectors bulk materials need to be conveyed, stored and unloaded which, in part, have very difficult flow properties. When selecting the discharge equipment, correct design and measurement of silos or bunker play a decisive role. Critical specific values are bulk density, moisture content, particle size, particle size distribution, temperature, bulk and wall friction angle as well as information on dust content, abrasivity and corrosions as well as creep behaviour. In conjunction with the conditions on site the suitable discharge unit can be selected on this basis:

•    The discharge system MOLEX® for residue free discharge of circular silos and  
   circular storage with an active storage volume of 97%.
•    The silo discharge device type SDG, which for clinker discharge is the world’s most
   widely used and extremely reliable gravity discharge device
•    The discharge device CENTREX®, the specialist for materials with difficult
   properties (for silo diameter up to 6 metres).
•    Bunker discharge wagon type BEW for high capacities and simultaneous blending.
•    The circular bunker discharge wagon type BEW-K for silos up to 14 metres