Panorama Double Bucket Elevator (BWZ-D)

Double bucket elevator BWZ-D

For conveying capacities of over 1300t/h AUMUND has developed the double chain bucket elevator. Axis distances of more than 60m are also possible with the BWZ-D. The bucket elevator is a combination of two standard bucket elevators with central chain. Both bucket strands run over the same driveshaft, which is mounted in a pedestal bearing and driven by twin drives. 

Functions & Features

  • Conveying capacities of more than 1300t/h
  • Axis distances >60m
  • Symmetrical weight distribution for long life of chain and driveshaft
  • No mechanical connection between the bucket strands
  • Material feed with current divider
  • Sprockets mounted separately with clamping axis in order to independently counterbalance chain elongation which may arise long-term