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Iron metallurgy

In iron metallurgy handling of hot materials such as sinter, pellets, DRI, HBI, fines, coal or coke play a special role. AUMUND products assist in the transport, loading and discharge of hot materials, in potentially necessary cool conveying or in conveying under inert gas atmosphere (e.g. nitrogen). 

> DRI: Transport and "Hot Charging"

  • Continuous DRI direct charging of the electric arc furnace
(hot charging)
  • Potential for energy saving and productivity increase 
  • Up to 900° Celsius
  • Special conveyors with the AUMUND inert system
  • Proven sealing technology

> Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) Transport + Cooling

  • Controlled, slow cooling of the material (not immersion bath)
  • Maintaining the desired characteristics
  • Patented "Smooth Cooling" with an air/mist mixture

> Pellet Transport + Cooling

  • Exact cooling along the entire conveying/cooling length to maintain material properties ("Extended Cooling")
  • Good throughflow of the cooling medium with specially perforated belt mats 
  • In contrast to vibrating or pneumatic conveying, the high-quality hot pellets are conveyed gently and non-destructively at temperatures up to 800° Celsius

> Transport of hot sinter material

  • Hot transport with plate conveyor (type KZB-S) up to 1,100° Celsius
  • Particle size up to 200mm
  • Special plates for wear protection
  • Simple convection cooling (after the ring cooler) easily achievable

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Hot DRI Conveyor
Fe-Sinter and Fe-Pellets

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