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Core areas of AUMUND conveying technology are applications in the smelting and steel industries and in the primary aluminium industry. Special competences as well as superb market positions exist in the fields of:

Direct reduction (alternative route)

The hot material and cooling conveyors are worldwide leaders. For conveying of hot DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) and HBI (Hot Briquetted Iron) under inert gas AUMUND has developed innovative conveyors to enable direct hot charging in electric-arc furnaces (EAF). In addition, special conveyors are in operation for the conveying and cooling of hot briquettes and pellets.

Blast furnace route

Also AUMUND offers conveyors with greatest availability and operational safety for the traditional blast-furnace route in iron and steel production. They are used for sinter conveying for example and are greatly sought-after worldwide.

Primary aluminium industry

Hot material and especially cool conveying are important topics in the primary aluminium smelting industry. Featuring its cooling conveyor for the transport of hot bath material (cryolite) AUMUND also has a leading position in this field.


In foundries AUMUND technology is being operated for gentle transport of sensitive parts such as in the area of fettling and sorting belts.

Apart from in primary production processes, conveying and storage technologies from the AUMUND Group are also represented in the fuel-feeding sector. For storage and transport of fuels and additives, AUMUND Fördertechnik, SCHADE Lagertechnik as well as SAMSON Materials Handling offer solutions for loading and unloading systems, stacking and extraction as well as for bunker discharge and feeding of mills, bunker installations and silos.


Aumund Equipment in der Stahlindustrie