Panorama Raw Material Extraction

Raw material extraction

Feeding of the crusher and discharge of the crushed material as well as transport into the raw material store: 

  • Material reception and crusher feeding with the arched plate conveyor type BPB-SF, with the heavy-duty version of the apron feeder KZB-S or Samson® surface feeder
  • Bunker and crusher discharge with the arched plate conveyor BPB or
the apron feeder KZB-S
  • Material transport (short distances e.g. to the crusher) with the SAMSON Link Conveyor
  • Storage and extraction/homogenisation with SCHADE stackers and scrapers


Apron Feeder with arched plates BPB Brecherbeschickung mit dem Buckelplattenband samson_feeder_in_quarry
link_conveyor_quarry Überdachtes Längslager mit Mischbett