Panorama Grinding Section

Clinker Grinding

The pivoting pan conveyor type SPB is the optimum solution for feeding the mill pre-bunker. Clinker and additives such as gypsum or slag can be conveyed with it simultaneously. For reception of additives the Samson® surface feeder is offered as a flexible solution.

The choice of bunker discharge device depends on the characteristics of the bulk material. Depending on material and situation, the armoured chain conveyor type PKF (2/5 strand version), weight feeder type DPB, the arched plate conveyor or CENTREX® are employed. For example, the deep drawn pan conveyor type KZB is employed as a collecting conveyor to the cement mill.

Feeding and circulation of the cement mill is mainly performed by the chain bucket elevator type BWZ or, for extremely high mill capacities, the double bucket elevator type BWZ-D. Filter dust is discharged via a trough chain conveyor type TKF.


Dosierplattenband Typ DPB Panzerkettenförderer Centrex Austragssystem KZB_with_klinker_and_additives Kettenbecherwerk  Samson Material Intake