Panorama History


For nearly 90 years AUMUND has stood for technological innovations in the sector of transport of hot and abrasive conveyed materials. The company has set international standards with its highly reliable products.

Heinrich Aumund – The founder


Actually the company founder Prof. Dr. Ing. e.h. Heinrich Aumund was supposed to have taken over the parental farm near Bremen, but he had already been fascinated with „technology“ from an early age. So he embarked on an academic career, studied machinery construction and physics and occupied himself with the application of conveying means in hard coal mining in the Ruhr area and in the Lower Rhine region. Already in 1929 Heinrich Aumund patented his development of a railway tipper wagon.

However at the age of just 36 years old Heinrich Aumund firstly committed himself to the education of young people, being the youngest full professor at the Technical University in Danzig. Parallel to his tasks as tenured professor, Heinrich Aumund, who meanwhile was the holder of patent laws in practically all industrialised countries, ventured the step towards independence. In 1922 he established a design and sales office for AUMUND Fördererbau GmbH in Berlin thus laying the foundation stone for the success of today’s group of companies. Customers were no longer to be found exclusively in mining and iron and steel construction but also in many other industrial sectors.

Günter-Claus Aumund – The Second Generation


In 1951 his son Günter-Claus Aumund took over the engineering office. 1952/1953 AUMUND Fördererbau GmbH moved location to Homberg. The new offices were located at 154 Hochfeldstraße. But the thought of being able to have his own manufacturing facilities made Günther Claus Aumund restless. The young company boss finally found the latter in 1955 in the former Pötters agricultural machinery factory in Rheinberg-Millingen.

Production began in his own works in 1956. Thanks to the constantly increasing success of AUMUND conveying technologies the location, the production capacities and the services were constantly expanded. In the course of the mining crisis which had already started at the beginning of the 60s, AUMUND Fördererbau GmbH had to accept dents in turnover in mining, its main market. On the other hand, the turnover figures increased in the internationally active cement industry which, besides mining, AUMUND supplied ever-increasingly.

Franz-Walter Aumund – The Third Generation

In his role as third generation managing partner, Franz-Walter Aumund directs the group of companies today with around 400 employees. For more than 30 years his name has stood for the development of a worldwide sales network for AUMUND products. Apart from the global cement industry AUMUND in particular serves customers from the mineral processing sector, foundries, steelworks, aluminium and ironworks as well as the power generation industry.

Individual, technically mature products in the sphere of conveying and storage technology as well as in plant construction have contributed to the ranking of AUMUND in an outstanding position worldwide – sometimes as market leader. Bucket elevators and apron conveyors designed and manufactured in Rheinberg represent custom solutions which are acknowledged worldwide.